From a new outlet or two, repair of a lighting fixture, to a new multi-room addition; from exterior lighting, to ceiling fans, to that hot tub you’ve been promising yourself for years, Copperhead Electric is ready and prepared to design and install the electrical components you need to maximize the enjoyment of your home.  For any size project, the Copperhead approach is the same… safe, cost-effective, top-quality electrical service.

Breaker Repair and Installation

Modern homes often contain more electrical systems and components than could have been imagined when they were initially designed and built. Consequently, homeowners are not always aware that their breaker panels are overloaded or outdated. Copperhead Electric can help by inspecting, repairing, upgrading components, or replacing your fuse-box or breaker panel, to safely provide all the power you need for today’s modern conveniences.

Common warning signs of an overtaxed (potentially dangerous) electrical panel:

  • Frequent tripping of breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • The presence of replaceable fuses
  • Rust or singe/burn marks in/on the panel box
  • Numerous, visible wires in breaker box
  • You unplug one appliance so you can plug in another
  • You have 60 amp service


When you are in a home for the long haul remodeling is inevitable. Whether finishing a basement, re-doing a bathroom, upgrading to the kitchen of your dreams, or adding motion sensor lighting to your front or back yards, Copperhead Electric is just a phone call away. From planning to final installation, we can work with you to ensure you get everything you want, safely integrated into your existing home system, while ensuring your home is up to code.

Pool and Spa Hook Ups

Due to the close interactions of electrical heating. Lighting, and pump systems, with water (and your loved ones), the wiring and electrical installations related to a Pool, Spa or Hot Tub installation is no place to cut corners. All hot tubs need a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), meticulous grounding, and all wiring must be protected from moisture and chemicals.

Copperhead Electric has the knowledge and experience to support your hot tub installation, from site selection, through site preparation, electrical service requirement analysis, to final electrical installation, in order to guarantee years of safe, relaxing use.

Repair Services: The most common problems associated with hot tubs are related to the spa’s filter, water heater, and pump. Electrical repairs to hot tubs may be highly dangerous. We recommend that you do not attempt spa repairs yourself.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A very popular way to make home heating and cooling systems more efficient, for a minimal investment is to add ceiling fans, which improve air circulation year round (and also add a “wind chill” effect during cooling season, which makes you feel cooler without working your A/C harder) while adding an aesthetic, stylish touch to any decor.

From placement, to wiring, lighting kits, and installation, Copperhead Electric has the experience to safely install and seamlessly integrate your new fans into your home, so that the fans stay up, the air flows down, and the controls are right at your fingertips.

Landscape Lighting

Exterior Landscape and Architectural Lighting can greatly enhance your house’s curb appeal, accent unique features of your property, and provide an enhanced feeling of safety and security about your home. From selection of properly rated outdoor lighting components and controls, to safely running, grounding, and marking outdoor wiring runs, to ensure your outdoor lighting functions properly and safely for years to come, Copperhead Electric can guide you through the installation process, or provide expert troubleshooting and repair for your existing landscape and architectural lighting system.

Common applications for exterior lighting:

  • Accentuate Architecture
  • Patio/Pool/Deck
  • Driveways/Paths
  • Steps
  • Gardens
  • Water Features
  • Highlight Landscaping

Electrical Emergencies

At Copperhead Electric we understand that not all problems occur from 9-5 on weekdays, and we’ll be there for you. We’d rather come out off-hours, than leave you, your family or tenants at risk. A licensed professional will assess and troubleshoot your emergency electric issues at any hour, find the root cause, get you back up to safety code quickly.