Why QuietCool Whole House Fans?

  • It purges the whole house of warm air inside and replaces it with cool outside air.
  • It purges the hot air out of the attic and replaces it with cool outside air.
  • In addition to drastically reducing your household energy bill, it keeps your home fresh.
  • How does QuietCool work?

    The hot air gets trapped in your attic and acts like a large heated blanket; which in turn heats up the air inside of your home. The Whole House Fan takes the warm air from various parts of your home and replaces it with the cooler outside air. It does this by pulling in the cooler outside air through one or two open windows. The warm air is pulled out of your home and is pushed out of the attic vents, naturally cooling your attic and living space.

  • Is QuietCool noisy?

    Patented, whisper quiet, ducted design allows system to suspend in attic–keeping noise & vibration out of your living space. It runs quietly enough to sleep with. Many of our happy customers leave it running all night and enjoy the cool, quiet breeze that it generates.

  • How will QuietCool save me money?

    QuietCool lowers A/C run time by up to 50- 90%
    This will enable you to run your air conditioning fewer hours and enjoy comfortable living for less!

  • Does QuietCool require any maintenance?

    No, our fans do not require any maintenance.

  • What other benefits does QuietCool offer?

    • Removes pet & dander odors.
    • Removes odors, steam and humidity from bathrooms.
    • Expels germs, smoke and VOC gases.
    • Eliminates the need for box fans and air blowers.
    • Helps to prevent mold and mildew from laundry rooms.
    • Allows you to say goodbye to hot, sleepless nights.