At Copperhead Electric we have the experience and expertise for all your commercial projects, from routine tenant improvements, to your high-dollar dream project. No matter the size of your project, we’ll get you up to code, and keep you under budget, with high-quality work that will serve you well for years to come.

New Construction

Are you ready to build your dream home? So are we!

Electrical planning and installation is a vital component of any new building project. Copperhead Electric has the experience needed to design and implement a home electrical system that will safely meet your current needs, comply with all applicable building codes, and allow you some room to grow in the future.

Copperhead Electric is ready to work with you from design to installation, building a custom system unique to your needs and desires.

Electrical Maintenance

General electrical maintenance includes inspection, testing, service, and preservation of the components and systems that supply and distribute electricity to a building. It involves inspection and upkeep of power outlets, generators, surge protectors, lighting systems, and switching units. Ideally, electrical maintenance will be performed on a scheduled basis, with frequency determined by both the age of the structure, and the complexity of the electrical systems. Simple maintenance, such as bulb replacement and visual inspection is often performed by the owner, or on-site general maintenance staff. A licensed electrician is often engaged for the more technically demanding electrical maintenance functions, such as testing for continuity, system integrity, and internal stability.

Preventive maintenance generally involves the scheduled inspection of larger equipment and systems by a professional electrician, with the intent of identifying and addressing small concerns, before they develop into larger problems. This is most important when a building contains multiple high voltage systems which see regular use, such as multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. Grid connections, generators, circuit breakers, switches, and related wiring should be regularly checked for connection and wiring issues, which commonly develop over time.

Three Phase Wiring

Three-phase electric power is the most common method used by electrical grids to generate, transmit, and distribute power. Most commercial buildings in the US use a 3 phase 4 wire 208Y/120V or  277/480V  wiring arrangement due to its efficiency and flexibility. The efficiency refers to the ability of a three-phase system to run more power through less conductive material, by keeping the three phases (or power streams) 120 degrees out of phase with each other. The flexibility refers to its ready adaptability to provide both high and low voltage power throughout a building or industrial site.

Using three-phase power systems is an excellent way to minimize electrical construction costs. Three-phase systems draw less current, allow use of smaller wire and electrical component sizes, than comparable commercial systems.

At Copperhead Electric, we are well versed in all the most widely-used three-phase electrical methods, and have the expertise to troubleshoot, repair, and install three-phase wiring components and systems.

Tenant Improvements

So, you have selected your commercial space, and you are developing it into a new office, retail space, or restaurant. Copperhead Electric is ready to meet your needs and install the lighting, receptacles, and wiring you need to turn your dreams into a profit generating reality.

Whether you just need to move a few outlets, or lighting fixtures, or you are finishing a completely raw space, we have the expertise to help you realize your vision, within a reasonable budget, Copperhead is your partner, from planning to inception.

Breaker Repair Installation

Copperhead Electric offers professional breaker panel analysis, upgrade, replacement, and repair services for commercial applications. At a minimum, if your panels were installed more than 15 years ago, it is likely overdue for service/replacement. Particularly if you have added significant equipment (computers, servers, Wi-Fi equipment, printers, copiers, fax machines, refrigerators, ice makers, microwaves, central air, central heat), without expanding your breaker capacity, you have significantly increased your power needs, and may be close to overloading your breaker panels.

Copperhead Electric can perform an on-site inspection and analysis, and design a new system which will meet your current needs, while allowing the flexibility to safely accommodate future growth.

Building/Parking Lot Lighting/Repair

In most commercial applications lighting is a very significant investment, often representing the single largest portion of annual energy costs.

Whether planning and installing a new lighting system, making some needed upgrades to compliment changes to your growing business, or simple lighting maintenance and repair, we at Copperhead Electric understand the critical importance of balancing needs and cost, and we are up to date with all the latest energy-saving developments in commercial lighting. We stand ready to meet your needs for:

  • Interior Workspace Lighting
  • Specialty/Mood Lighting
  • Storefront and parking lot lighting
  • Signage/Branding lighting

Electrical Emergencies

At Copperhead Electric we understand that not all problems occur from 9-5 on weekdays, and we’ll be there for you. We’d rather come out off-hours, than leave you, your family or tenants at risk. Our licensed professionals will assess and troubleshoot your emergency electric issues at any hour, find the root cause, get you back up to safety code quickly.